Friday, July 23, 2010

Casting 101 at Fishing 101

I ended my second week of the summer at Fishing 101 today outside the Boston Children's Museum. Aside from catching a fantastic spider crab in our lobster trap, the kids passing by the museum stopped by to fish. There were a few kids who had never fished before and casted for the very first time in our very own Fort Point Channel in the Boston Harbor. We did not come up with any fish but the kids got something much better than that. You know the saying: give a kid a fish and you feed him/her for a day. Teach a kid to fish and you feed him/her for life. I can say with confidence that every kid who stopped by the Save the Harbor spot outside the Children's Museum is now a master angler.

Not only did the kids learn the ins and outs of fishing but they learned just how a lobster trap works. Did you ever know there is a parlor in every lobster trap? It is the area that the lobster (or crab) crawls into through one of the two holes on the sides of the trap. From there the lobster climbs up and through a net into the area where the bait is. Once the lobster reaches the bait, it is trapped! All that's left is hauling up the trap and discovering a trap. A truly simple and magnificent device.


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