Friday, July 16, 2010

SKATE in the Harbor!

Yesterday afternoon I went fishing with the kids at Camp Harbor View. They were very excited about fishing and could not wait to see what they might catch in the harbor. I have not had much of a fishing experience, but I still taught the kids what I knew about exploring the harbor from dockside. For example, I was telling them how to hold the fishing rod, teaching them how to cast and at the same time I was getting just as much of a learning experience as the participants where! With teaching them how to cast, I was getting better at casting myself.

While I was on the dock I was training myself how to fish correctly. I cast the rod in the perfect spot and I would tug on the line to make it seem like the bait was alive. Before I knew it something pulled my line and I quickly reeled it in. At first I was scared and happy because it was my first fish, but then again I did not know how to get the hook out of it's mouth correctly as everyone one else was manning the lobster trap and I was solo!
When I pulled up the line I thought it was a sting ray, but Tom told me it was a skate. It had a mouth at the bottom of it's body and it looked like the tail had a stinger. Emily was so amazed that I caught a fish for the first time. I ran down the dock to get the bucket of water while she tried to get the hook out of its mouth. When the kids came back on the dock they were thrilled to know I caught a skate. They asked me many questions about it and they were eager to pick it up, touch it, and try to feed it. This was the best time of the day and also for the kids. This will be something I will never forget.

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Congratulations on your skate, LaToya! Great post, too.