Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Week of AABH - DONE :)

It's Thi again!
And it sure is nice to say that I am finally out of the heat wave! I had many new experiences this week, especially with that over-the-top incident of the rangers handling the trash situation. David, Conor, Billy Junior, and I were laughing our head off! My cherries and David's "jokes" amused everyone to no end and after lunch, Conor and BJ walked down to the beach while David and I went to the Dark Tunnel. David would make horrible sounding noises with the half-full bottle of water and I would wait next to the gate to scare the numerous amounts of people passing by. People would walk by, unexpecting, then.... CLANG, CLANG, WHOOOOOO, GRRRRRRRR! The screams would echo in the boundless dark room, shortly followed by snickers and chuckles.

On the boat ride back, I met Yavi, Jamilex, and others who showed me their bags stock full of empty mussel shells and crackly crab carapaces. As they were surrounded by the foamy ocean water, they were excited to try if they could waterbend or not, after watching every season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was great meeting new people and I can't wait for next week's adventures!

-Thi Tran

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