Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hide and SEEK

Today Blacks Creek in Quincy was transformed into a scavenger hunt map and the first objective was to find the biggest mussel imaginable. We journeyed down into the muddiest, marshiest area of Blacks Creek to seek out the shelled treasure. In the process of searching for gigantic mussels we found our just how Blacks Creek got its name, the mud. Under the tall grass along the water was the darkest mud I have ever lain my eyes upon. But beneath the ominous ground is fantastic treasures. All it takes is some steadfast digging and complete disregard for getting very muddy. By the end of it, Dylan came up with a huge mussel, bigger than any others'. However, if you do ever decide to venture into the depths of the black mud at Blacks Creek, beware, for you might get stuck. Afterwards, we searched for the biggest hermit crabs we could find. Within minutes it seemed like we had hundreds of little hermit crabs crawling around our bucket. We did get some really big ones, but the coolest thing was watching a hermit crab find a new shell. It slowly creeped out of its previous home. It then wandered around the bucket naked for several minutes before finding a new shell to live in. Finally, it backed into the shell and curled itself up inside of it. We also found a plethora of periwinkle snails and regular crabs too. And best of all, all we used to catch these amazing sea creatures was our bare hands and some dip nets.


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