Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Georges Island: Perfect day.

Georges Island: Perfect day. Sunny, not too hot. Lots of great kids off having lunch with their groups. I sit with my interns having our own lunch at a shady picnic table. It's always interesting to see what comes up for topics of discussion. For example Tim demonstrated for us some kind of new questionable dance move. Enough said on that.

Shortly into our lunch a group of elderly ladies all dressed in purple and red sat at an adjacent table and began to lay out a very nice spread of food complete with table cloth. Now I have a rule that if I can smell someones barbecue I get to have some. This rule has served me quite well. So I amended the rule to; If I see food I get to have some. I call this the Sea Food Diet. I bet B.J. $1.00 that I could get some food from these nice ladies. He went for it giving me three minutes to accomplish the task. I approached the nice ladies, introduced myself and quickly explained what I was trying to do and returned to our table with a bowl of cheese crackers, half a sandwich, a package of peanut butter cookies, cheetos, and a package of cookies. 32 Seconds!!

What's the point you ask? If you make an effort to include people in something fun they will always want to be a part of it. Adults, kids, counselors, campers, doesn't matter. Make it fun, you will have company. A little initial effort and the rewards keep coming. These women waived to me every time they saw me anywhere on the island. Made their day. And it only cost B.J. $1.00.


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