Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun Day at the Children's Museum

Today at the Children's Museum we were able to catch a lot of organisms before the afternoon rain storm. Using both the crab trap and lobster trap, we gathered a bunch of green crabs and even one of those creepy looking spider crabs. We even caught two fish, called cunners (also known as a perch or choggie). They are a very common small fish around the Harbor, and the same type of fish I caught last week at Camp Harbor View on Long Island. Working outside the Children's Museum is a great experience because we get such a wide range of kids to play with, touch, and learn about these marine creatures. I am amazed at the fearlessness of even our youngest explorers.

The only downside to the day was seeing all the trash in the water. Much of this trash comes from the storm runoff after a severe rain, like we had recently. It is sad to see all that trash and debris in the water, but shows there is still a little bit more work to be done in terms of cleaning up. This also reminded me how important it is to wash my hands when in contact with the Harbor water after a large rain storm.

-Tom Regan

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