Thursday, July 8, 2010

A bad start but a beautiful ending!

It was yesterday that I woke up with the biggest sun burn on my whole body. I honestly couldn't drag myself out of bed. It was exhausting waking up with the biggest migraine I ever had in the past year.I felt like my brain was tanning as well, But you know what, I was not prepared for that kind of weather. However I kept thinking about how many kids I could not help and teach due to some family responsibilities and due to my sun burn. It kept bothering me until I went to South Boston Sailing Center. As soon as I got there my pain all over my back, legs, arms and brain all soothed out. I completely forgot I was cooking under the sun. I saw my team setting up crab traps and fixing one of the fishing rods that I broke trying to catch a fish:-(

I'm not good at fishing, but I caught seaweed!! I see lots of children surrounding my teammates and I'm wondering what I should do till the mean time, mind you these kids are so outspoken they introduced themselves before I even got to say hi to Aaron, my team leader. Immediately I took four girls into the beach and searched for crabs and muscles. I completely forgot how bad my day was going, after I saw the smiles on these kids faces. After we found like 8 crabs or more total I actually begged the girls to stop searching for crabs because it was like an addiction to them. I got to admit as long as I saw them with their million dollar smiles I couldn't break them down. So we kept searching, collecting and bugging out.

Finally when they got tired we slowly walked back to the center and they were so exhausted from the heat and excitement that I see them jumping out of the docks and running right back yelling my name to catch more crabs. I couldn't resist. I was so happy they even remembered my name. So we set up crab traps sat around and laughed through the whole program. At the end of the day the kids were yelling "Bye Denise, Hope to see you tomorrow!!" I left with a memory full of sparkles and smiles that I will never forget. I gotta say it was a beautiful pleasant ending!

- Densie Caban

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