Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday Sandcastle Sculptures

Hello everyone!

So after wrapping up my second week with Save the Harbor at All Access, I was ready for a nice relaxing weekend...until I remembered that I was going with Save the Harbor to Revere Beach on Saturday for the Sandcastle Contest.

The Sandcastle Contest is very famous, and thousands of people from all over the world come to Revere to see all the different sandcastles. Sand sculptures might be a better name for them-they are so amazing to see, and it was cool to see the artists at work building their masterpieces.

Once I met up with Aaron, Aruna, and Thi, we found a shady spot under the pavilion and set up a touch tank with a lobster who was named Sarah by one of the many young visitors wanting to know if they could pet the lobster. Despite the heat, the kids all had a blast and a lot of people wanted to learn more about the other children's programs that we run throughout the summer.

Another great day with Save the Harbor! I'll report back on Tuesday after All Access...


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