Friday, July 30, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

On Tuesday at Blacks Creek, Aaron, Alex, Dan, and I did a scavenger hunt to help the kids identify living creatures in the water. We split the kids into four groups and went on the beach to start the hunt. They were all excited because they love finding crabs and knowing if it was male or female. My group was scattered all over the beach to find whatever they can that was on the list. The group that won would have the pleasure of fishing. At the same time all groups were helping each other and learning as they went along. All the kids were getting along and asked each other questions. Most of the time they know the answer, but if they do not know they ask me or the other staff. The bonus point of the hunt was to find a horseshoe crab. The kids found at least three and were amused on how it looked. They would ask questions about the tail, and how many eyes it had. They would pick it up and count how many legs it had. I had a girl named Mary-Kate measure the horseshoe crab she had. She named it "Bubbles" because it had small shells on it's back, and it looked like bubbles. Her face lit up when she found it and showed it to her friends. It was the capture of the week and it was a great day.


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