Friday, July 9, 2010

Hello from LaToya

Hello, my name is LaToya Glass. I went to high school at North Cambridge Catholic and graduated this year. I will be attending American International College in the fall and study Criminal and Justice. I come from a Jamaican heritage but I was born and raised in Boston. I did not know anything about Save the Harbor/Save the Bay until I was referred by The Island Ambassador.

Working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay has been a great experience. I have the pleasure of exploring nature with children that are willing to learn new things. Everyday the kids learn how to go crabbing and catch lobsters in lobster traps. I love seeing the expressions on the kids faces when they catch a crab or lobster. When the kids see something that they do not recognize, they are not hesitant to ask questions. I have much experience about nature. Two years ago I worked at the New England Aquarium working with different animals. I love teaching children about sea animals, and that is why I work here now. I also had the pleasure to meet new people. The co-workers are very friendly and gave me a warm welcome when I started my first day. I love to learn new things and want to experience more. Working for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay will be a long term memory to remember.

Peace of love

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