Friday, July 30, 2010

A Day of Firsts

After several weeks of working for Save the Harbor Save the Bay's summer youth program and about 8 days of working at Camp Harbor View, I finally bore witness to my season's first fishing success. Apparently the fish decided to make up for their absence over the past few weeks because they truly came with a bang. It was the first day we had gone and bought bait and not procured our own by means of the food chain: using mussels to catch crabs and crabs to catch fish. I believe we came to this decision after our failed attempt at using a pack of 80 hot dogs ended up with the kids simply throwing about 70 of them into the water to the sea gulls. Immediately upon dropping our sea worms and clams into the water came the bites. A few cudder were pulled up right away. Not very big but still great to catch anything. I then got to see Aaron catch his first fish ever! And it was not just a fish, but a skate, which all the children chose to conveniently ignore and refer to as a sting ray. It was great to be able to see that. A touch tank full of crabs and fish is truly more entertaining than one with just the former and some sea weed. The atmosphere quickly became highly energized out on that pier at Camp Harbor View. Success

-Dan Kenary

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