Thursday, July 29, 2010

"I want you to do something today that you've never done before"

Each morning before going out on the boat with All Access, David Coffin says to the youth participants: “I want you to do something today that you’ve never done before”.

Everyday I have spent at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay I have had new experiences.

My name is Alize and I am a French Policy/Environment Intern at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. In less than a week, I have had the awesome opportunity to leave the office twice to go out with All Access. We went to two of the Boston Harbor Islands, Georges Island and Spectacle Island. I have never gone to any of Boston Harbor Islands before. New experience? Done.

Before the children arrived at the Bank of America Pavilion, Thi put a lobster on the touch tank so the children could see it. I’ve never grabbed a lobster before. New experience? Done.

The morning before Spectacle Island, it was not a lobster in the lobster trap, but a spider crab! I’ve never seen a spider crab that was alive before. New experience? Done. I’ve never grabbed a spider crab before. New experience? Done. I was more afraid than the children. Thi had to force me to grab each of these critters!

On the islands, I discovered new things along with the children. Walking on Fort Warren and going through the tunnels was really fun, and a bit impressive, I tried not to show that I was worried!

A phenomenon we observed with David while he was showing us the first lighthouse of America. Here in New England, lots of places are “the first”. That is quite crazy for me, as an European girl, to be able to say this is the “first” of your country!

On my second day out, I went to Spectacle Island which I really enjoyed. We went on the top of the hill with BJ and Thi. The view from there is so beautiful, you can see Boston, the other islands, and the planes landing on the Logan airport. I hope I can go back there and see this panorama again!

It was a windy day so we flew kites with the kids. It was the first time I handled a kite since… I don’t even remember when! I confess, the kids were doing so better than me! We have a lot of fun there. Luckily the boat was a little late, Thi and I even had the time to swim quickly before going back to Boston.

I must say, I was just like this kid. But I am 20.

I could easily see how the Boston Harbor is for everyone.


PS: Thanks Cassie for the editing!

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Michelle said...

Alize- this is definitely one of the best posts all summer! glad you're having fun!