Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun Day Monday

Hey folks, I am writing to you today about my first day at Piers Park in East Boston and the Courageous Sailing Center of Charlestown. We started off the week on a good note by catching a lobster and two spider crabs in our lobster pot. The spider crabs were massive and the lobster looked to be a good size, despite the fact that it was missing a claw from a presumable underwater scuffle. We then showed our campers how to identify the differences between male and female crabs. The key is to flip them over and take a gander at their undersides. The male abdomen tends to be long and narrow (some would say like a rocket ship) while the females abdomen is significantly wider (like a pyramid). The reason for the shape of the females is because that is where a female crab carries her eggs, so she needs a great deal of space.

When we got over to Charlestown to see our friends at the sailing center, we encountered a fearsome thunder shower that sent us packing inside. However, we didn't let that inclement weather rain on our parade. We talked to the kids about the Harbor and got to know each of them better in their classroom. I can't wait for tomorrow when the weather should be much better.

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