Monday, July 19, 2010

Camp Harbor View

Camp Harbor View is unlike any other site I have been to. All I'd heard about it was that there was a larger than life, ancient bridge leading out to an island that was home to an insane asylum. Upon my arrival to the camp, however,I was shocked. This was not your casual, waterfront sailing center. Camp Harbor View is a full blown operation. There are several buildings, the largest of which is self-sustained by hundreds of solar panels on the roof. It is home to basketball courts, a swimming pool, a rope course and rock-climbing wall, as well as several firelds for football, soccer, and baseball. Not simply a place for recreational and waterfront activities, the camp provides music and art classes, as well as other educational endeavors. More learning, a young child's summer nightmare. However, not once did I hear anyone complain. The camp has a way of making things fun. Lunch is not just a time to eat but also a time to blast and dance to music. We, at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, are proud to be a part of all the great things that happen at the camp, including recreational activites, scientific presentations, bike rides, swimming and sailing lessons, etc.

Though our Boston Harbor Explorers program is just one of the many great activities at Camp Harbor View, I can say with confidence that we provide one of the best experiences at the camp. Everyday there are new children who are eager to cast a line for the first time. Last friday, in between all of the kids' playing with the BC football team, who had come to volunteer, they would stop by to see the adult and baby lobster, as well as giant snail we had caught. Many of these young kids had never seen a live lobster before. Together with all of the wonderful experiences that the camp provides, Save the Harbor is able to present an incredible hands-on environment on the Boston Harbor.

-Dan Kenary

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