Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winthrop Sand Castle Day!

Winthrop Beach Sand Castle Day was a great success July 10th weekend at Yirrell Beach! The day began very hot. It was so hot that fellow staffer BJ and I couldn’t even walk on the beach barefoot. But the sun was out so we were happy! We went to check theAll Access Boston Harbor lobster traps and there was a lobster! Now we had a lobster for our touch tank. Winthrop Parks and Recreation announced our fortunate grab to the crowd! Lots of kids came to touch and learn about the lobster. While I helped the kids, BJ explained about the different programs Save the Harbor/Save the Bay offers. It was even low tide so we, the educators, and the kids went to look on the beach for interesting crabs and other sea creatures for the touch tank. Around three o’clock, around the end of the event, the wind picked up and the sky opened. Luckily the day was over and extremely successful!


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