Saturday, July 17, 2010

chnaging the dock we go!

so its me again and im back with more news from yet another good week. Piers Park i must admit was fun, but nothing tops the new dock we discovered at piers park. due to some some difficulties at piers park we took a walk to another dock in the area and we had a blast. I was in charge of a small group of girls and and worked with the crab traps. Many of the crab traps were tangled, so together with the girls we worked together and fixed the crab traps. after fixing the crab traps me and my new found friends from the site , marissa, alyssa, and cameilla,were able to catch a crab. this was not their first time catching a crab, but they were so excited because it was their work and effort fixing the traps that allowed them to do so, but of course when there's a dock there must be some fishing so the girls did some fishing to. boy oh boy was this a good week. cant wait to see what next week brings

heading to the docks, catch you later

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