Monday, July 12, 2010

A Sea Star in Charlestown!

What a Monday in East Boston and Charlestown! We started the day lathered up in sun screen, trying to stay cool in our life vests, and the next thing we know it's downpouring and freezing! Even without the weather, we had an eventful day, mostly due to a five-armed friend waiting for us on a lobster trap at Courageous Sailing Center. But more about that later!

This morning brought several new faces to Piers Park, and I couldn't have been more thrilled with how ready these new Harbor Explorers were to question and analyze their surroundings. Whether we were talking about Moon Jellies, how high the tide was rising throughout the morning, or why the female lobster we caught only had one claw, everyone was extremely engaged and eager to learn. While we fished all morning, however, we still haven't caught anything. But trust me, I am determined!

The unexpected downpour began right around lunch time, which is unfortunately when we need to make our way over to Charlestown each day in a little motorboat. We were absolutely soaked when we got there, but the great news was that the sky let up when we arrived and held off the second wave of rain just long enough for our usual lunchtime program on the docks. When we pulled up one of the many lobster traps, a gorgeous Northern Sea Star was latched on, undoubtedly trying to prey on the muscles that made the trap their home. And while many of the children started shouting a bout catching a "starfish," several seasoned Harbor Explorers were quick to tell them that we should call them sea stars because they aren't actually fish. We have a lot of knowledgeable participants over there in Charlestown! I am constantly impressed.

So overall, it was a rainy day, but an exciting one. As I write this, I'm safe and dry and happy in our office on the Boston Fish Pier. And all I can think today is that, even if I were still soaked and freezing like I was at lunchtime, I wouldn't trade days like this for a comfortable climate-controlled corporate desk job, like most of my friends have, in a million years. I'm lucky to be caught in the downpours.


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