Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boston Children's Museum

Yesterday at the Boston Children's Museum, my team and I were teaching the children how to fish and put the bait on the hooks. It was my first time I put a sea worm on the hook. I was so terrified because I thought it would bite me with it's two pincher's. It surprised me that the kids just picked them up without any problem. Some wanted to put the bait on the hook themselves, so I let them. At first I was staring at the sea worm to study how it moves, and how it sticks it's stomach out to try to bite something. Finally, I fought my fear by picking the worm up and putting it on the hook myself. Michelle and Jen looked at me and laughed because of my facial expressions. I finally did it.

Overall, the kids fished very well. They caught two small fish and some crabs. I was shocked at how some did not need help casting the line into the water. They knew how to cast beautifully. It was a great morning.

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