Thursday, July 15, 2010

Off To The Races

Today Courageous Sailing Center in Dorchester's dock was converted into a race track. Using simple crab traps with muscles as bait we caught an absurd number of green crabs during the course of an hour and a half. When it came time to head back to land we knew we would have to let the crabs free back into the harbor. We decided to do this in the most enjoyable and exciting manner possible.
How To Have a Crab Race:
Step 1: Set up a crab trap or two using extra line (depending on depth of water)
Step 2: Grab some muscles off the submerged side of a dock or pier
Step 3: Hook up the muscles as bait to the trap using a zip-tie
Step 4: Drop the baited crab trap to the harbor until it reaches the ocean floor
Step 5: Tie up the line to something on the dock or just hold onto it so it does not fall in
Step 6: Wait for a few minutes
Step 7: Pull up trap and hopefully gather the crabs you caught
Step 8: Place each crab equidistant from the edge of the deck
Step 9: Yell GO!
Step 10: Cheer for your crab to get into the water first

Try it yourself.


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Michelle said...

I love this post, Alex. Well done.