Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Thi here again!
We went to George's Island to enlighten the minds of many who never went to this supposedly haunted island, cursed with the Lady in Black. While David, Linnea, Tim, and Carolyn (the birthday girl!) stayed at the Dark Tunnel, I was on "beach duty" with BJ. BJ kept most of the kids and I went with two kids from DOTS to catch crabs. I educated these two about the Asian Shore crabs, or the "fighter" crabs, the Green crabs, which are much more timid and tends to hide, periwinkles, and the boundless sea glass.
Off the wrack line, we caught a huge red rock crab that was dead and two more red rock crabs that were well and fighting. We placed them all in a dip net and after thirty minutes of walking by the wrack line, we went back to BJ to show off all the crabs. But when we put the crabs in the bucket, there was a SEA WORM! I've never seen one before and was surprised to see one besides the ones from last year that were bought from a bait shop. After the crabs started to grab the sea worm and tear it apart, swarming with kids screaming, "fight! fight! fight!" Hahahaha :) I had so much fun and can't wait for tomorrow!

Thi Tran

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