Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day At The Races

After a long day at Southie, there's no better way to unwind than with a HIGH STAKES crab race! Thats right ladies and gentlemen, we have our crustaceans return to the wild by way of a high speed race. After collecting numerous green crabs, the campers and some counselors of Harry Mcdognah sailing center each selected a crab. The goal was to have your crab start from behind a set line and then race back to the blue green waters of the Sugar Bowl. There was much discussion on whether crabs missing legs would be slower then their counterparts, as well as the question whether larger crabs would be slower. I was compelled to enter the race on behalf of a young girl who was deathly afraid of holding a crab with no claws. Thus, I took a hold of my dare devil decapod named Sea biscuit and prepared for the competition. There I was, on the line next to my rivals. Michelle's promise to pay the for the winner's soft serve ice cream from Sulley's was ringing in my ears. I started the countdown and then the crabs were off. Well, I should say some of them took off, others simply remained sitting at the starting line. Sea biscuit was ahead at first but....he chose to back pedal and blow the lead in the end. Olivia's small crab blew by the others and after attempting to fall through a crack, was redirected towards the water. Thus, the race and the fun was brought to a close with the small green crab diving of the sea wall and into its briney sanctuary.

Reporting from Southie,

Conor Brendan Newman

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