Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Party

On Friday at M street Beach Save the Harbor Hosted 450 kids from all over the Greater Boston Area. The day was a blast with everything from sand castle making to kite flying. I worked in the sports category playing soccer, jackpot, and catch. Their was never a lack of excitement or something to do. Eventually I was sent over to help out with fishing because everyone wanted to get a chance to catch a monster. Then David had yet another great speech before everyone jumped into the water at the same time which was quite a site. Then came lunch where we had hot dogs, cheese, and some vegetables with dip. The whole beach was covered with kids eating hot dogs, swimming, and having just a great time. After lunch things began to cool down because everyone was so full from lunch, but not for the staff, we were busy maintaining the workshops and cleaning the beach. When the day ended everyone one left tired and in a great mood after having such a great time. Can't wait until next time.

Tim Grogan

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