Thursday, August 4, 2011

Goals for the Summer

Hey everybody,

Over the course of the summer I had set a couple of goals for myself. These goals symbolize what I would like to accomplish before summertime ends. My goals this summer are as follows:

1. Learning how to fish

2. Acquiring more knowledge relating to marine life

3. Communicating with the kids more effectively and efficiently

I can say that so far I have accomplished my first goal. I can now set up a fishing rod from scratch all by myself, and I have caught a couple of fish using my newfound knowledge. In addition, I can also proclaim that I have achieved my second goal as well, as I now know of a number of marine species and their distinct characteristics. As for my third goal, I would like to improve as I don't communicate with children as effectively as I would have liked.

In closing, that is how my goals have progressed during the summer.


Vinh Tran

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