Monday, August 15, 2011

Response to Mayor

The mayor came to visit us this week at our staff meeting and asked us to write about the future of the Boston Harbor. This is my response to his request.

Even though I've lived in Boston since I was born I did not know that its harbor has 34 islands until I started working for Save the Harbor. This job has helped me to experience a different outlook on Boston and on my own future goals. Through this organization I have learned how to fish, catch crabs, be a better leader and how to respect the environment around me. I've enjoyed working here since the day I started and my feelings still have not changed. One part of this job that I really love is All Access Boston Harbor. Taking kids out to an island for the day to have fun is something that I never would have thought of doing years ago. But, now that I've done it I plan on taking my own kids out to the islands one day to let them enjoy something I didn't know about at their age. Save the Harbor is an amazing organization and I can't wait to how it grows and excels in the future.

My hope for the future of the Boston Harbor is to see more people on it swimming, fishing, sailing and having beach parties. I feel as though there should be more advertisement and attractions that draw people to the harbor. The water is much cleaner than it used to be years ago and I believe that more people should appreciate it. Also, we as the communities that are closest to the harbor should do our best to keep it clean. I have no doubt in my mind that Save the Harbor will definitely do their part in maintaining and appreciating the Boston Harbor.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work for such a great organization that is doing great things for the Boston harbor.

-Will Clark

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