Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Splashing in the Harbor

Friday, August 12. I had no idea what to expect for this event that has been looming over my head for at least a month. Conor, BJ, and I, as part of the Youth Committee, were hosting the Summertime Splash at the Curly Community Center. The day before the event, I realized I had my own station and had to prepare the murals and posters for the kids to color in. It took me the entire day and night for me to be satisfied with my work. I had drawn a huge flounder, an oilfish, and a 30 ft long seabed with 8 signs. I woke up bright and early to arrive at the center by 8:30, lugging along the signs that I had painted only a few hours before. As the entire staff helped set up all the stations, my excitement grew and grew. We sang the famous sea shanty, Haul Away JOE! The moment that ended, every single person lined up along the shore and at the count of four, we all ran in at once!
I had so much fun with all the groups that came! I want to thank everyone who made it happen and made it an AMAZING day!
Thi Tran

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