Friday, August 5, 2011

Becoming better fishers

While at the Children's Museum, there were so many children that came through to go fishing. They were so happy to fish and for some it was their very first time. We did not catch any fish, but they still kept trying and never gave up. There was a group of kids with special needs that were encouraged to fish because of the others. I never worked with kids that had special needs and I thought it would be difficult to teach them. I worked with a girl that really wanted to learn how to fish. I took my time with her and became very helpful at the same time. She told me that she had gone fishing before so I encouraged her to catch her first fish. She was awesome. She learned how to fish faster than the other kids. She knew exactly what to do right after I showed her the first time. In the afternoon at community boating, there was a kid named David that was a much better fisher than I am. He caught over eight fish through the day. I was so jealous. I told him that he should become a fisherman. I was amazed of how experienced he was at such a young age. There was a girl named Safier who had complications with catching a fish. I told her to keep trying and to not be impatient because fishing takes time and lots of patience. Today I was so happy for her because she caught her first fish while working with us.

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