Monday, August 8, 2011

High Tides

Blacks Creek is the simplest place to catch crabs in the morning. The tide always tends to be low, therefore it is easier to see movement in the water. Crabs move fast and sideways too, so to catch a crab you have to be quick! Last night it rained and the water was very murky, and it did not seem as clean as usual. The kids and I at first had a hard time adapting our eyesight to the water to catch crabs for the crab count. Of course, once the kids found one crab we started to find a lot more. At first the kids thought the deeper the water the harder it would be to find crabs, but we found out it was actually simpler. The reason was when we stepped on the ground the mud that would rise didn't seem to go as high in deeper water leaving us with a higher possibility of catching a crab. In total we caught eight crabs, but it is always better than just catching one.

-Liz Torres

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