Friday, August 5, 2011

Working with YMCA Children

On the Constitution Beach, the kids had found a crabs skeleton. I have never seen one before and it was amazing to see. I thought the crab was dead at first but I realized that there was not anything inside the shell. It was dry and hard. Then Annie told me that the skeleton is like how a snake would shed its skin when they get bigger overtime. What was interesting that I learned about crabs was when it gets bigger, it would break its shell, and then grow another shell over its entire body. For some reason, I thought they would have to search for another shell just like hermit crabs. I guess you learn something new everyday. While at the beach, the staff helped us bury some of the kids under the sand. There was one kid that wanted me to draw his figure to make him look like a mermaid. After, the other kids wanted to get buried, so we buried at least 5 kids legs under the sand. I figured since they could not move I draw Save the Harbor Save the Bay in the sand. Then at the top write the YMCA kids. It was a great day.

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