Monday, August 15, 2011

My Letter to Our Mayor

Dear Mayor Menino,

Hi, my name is Amanuel Adugna. I'm 16. This is my first year with Save the Harbor / Save the Bay and also my first job. I go to Hyde Park High and am going into 11th grade. I live in Dorchester, Boston. At Save the Harbor / Save the Bay I have learned how to fish and also about the Boston Harbor. I like how Save the Harbor / Save the Bay’s All Access Program has a different group of kids every day and teaches them about the Boston Harbor and the island.

I want to see the Harbor being used for swimming, cookouts, beach parties, and for families and friends to come out to enjoy their day. This would allow them to appreciate the clean ocean and environment.

The destination on the Harbor that would bring more people to it in the future would be Spectacle Island. Spectacle Island was a trash dump and it was transformed into a place where people can go to enjoy their free time with their families and friends. This is possible after many years. I want to be able to enjoy fishing in the Boston harbor someday.

The people in positions of political power can help to improve the Harbor by setting up a policy on how they should clean up after themselves.


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