Monday, August 15, 2011

Letter to Mayor

My name is Senait Mulu. I am nineteen years old and I am attending Pine Manor College. I live in Dorchester, Boston. My experience at Save the Harbor / Save the Bay involves trying to make the environment as clean and safe as possible getting kids to enjoy nature.   This summer, I taught kids the way the harbor used to be and how we should recycle to keep the environment clean.

 One of my favorite experiences at Save the Harbor Save the Bay was teaching fishing, crabbing, and sharing to kids.  This summer, I have learned to better communicate with kids and my coworkers.  I also learned about the 34 islands in Boston Harbor. I like getting to know kids from all over the place and from different cultures.

 I want to see Boston Harbor being used in the future by introducing the Harbor’s resources to the people of Boston.  I would like to show the history of each of the islands and have accessible transportation to get to the harbor islands for everyone in Boston.  Additionally, I would like to ensure a clean ocean and environment.

Activities on the Harbor that would bring more people to it in the future include getting playgrounds and more family programs to the beaches.  This way, people could enjoy the islands and the clean environment by holding charity events and attending gatherings at the islands.  I want to be able to share with my younger siblings, and maybe someday my kids, the opportunity to swim in clean water and play volleyball on the beaches of Boston Harbor. 

 We can help to improve the Harbor by setting up a law to keep the harbor as clean as possible at all times. A lot of people were surprised about how clean the harbor is compared to the time they remember.   I hope it will always stay clean so future generations can enjoy it too.


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