Friday, August 5, 2011


Hi my name is Senait Adugna. Glad to be back for my third year with Save the Harbor Save the Bay. I am 19 years old heading into my second year of college at Pine Manor. My first week with Save the Harbor Save the Bay was exciting. I was pleased to see the kids from years ago as well as getting to meet new kids. Kids ask question mostly about everything. They wonder why we use a hot dog or a missile as bait and why fishes have a 15 minutes memory…etc. Their questions fascinates me on how wide their imagination is.

My first week at the Courageous Sailing Center we caught a lobster with a missing claw, small fish, and crabs from the lobster trap. Kids from courageous sailing center are always happy to be able to fish and not just that but they actually catch a fish. That always gives the other kids a confident to be able to catch a fish. We started are day at Piers Park Sailing Center with a game called capture the flag. A group of eight kids each. It was a fun game to start the day and to get the kids wormed up. The kids were exited to fish and pull the lobster trap right after we finished the game. The kids caught worms, missile and crabs. It always is fun to be able to play with kids and teach them thing they don’t know and even sometimes end up learning something you didn’t know.

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