Thursday, August 18, 2011

Party time!

On Friday August 12th Save the Harbor held a huge beach party for 450 people. We had many kids all over the beach in South Boston doing many different activities with the staff. The activities that took place were sports and games, fishing, kite flying, swimming, art and sand castle building. There were many ways for the kids to have fun all on one beach. I personally enjoyed being able to say thank you to everyone for coming and supporting Save the Harbor. All day I witnessed kids having fun and smiles on their faces.

Ours staff did a great job at keeping the kids engaged and made sure that every group had something to do. Lunch was definitely the craziest part of the day, but with all the staff doing what they could to help and our guests being patient things stayed under control. As an instructor for sports and games I enjoyed playing football and soccer with the kids. I learned a new soccer game called world cup which was very fun. Also, playing the football game called Jackpot was entertaining especially since I hadn't played in a long time. All together the day was very successful and it was a Save the Harbor event that I will never forget.

-Will Clark

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