Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is That a Lobster in Our Crab Trap!?

I began this morning at the Boston's Childrens Museum and I was very hopeful that we would catch a lot of stuff. We prepare the touch tank, cast out the lines, and put in the crab traps as usual. For bait today, along with our usual haddock, we prepared something special to use. Using just flour, sugar, and a bit of water, we made the carp bait everyone has been raving about at Community Boating. Although we did not have as much success with the fishing aspect, we were able to catch a bunch of cool marine creatures. The surprise catch of the day was caught in a crab trap about mid-morning. As we pull up the trap, we notice something red and large inside. It is not a crab, but an actual lobster! It was a baby and too small to keep but still very exciting for the kids! Everyone loved being able to pick up and touch a real live lobster! The best part about its small size was the fact that many of the younger children were able to hold it without being as scared. It was definitely a successful day.
My week at the Children's Museum has been a lot of fun. We have had a ton of success crabbing! We have been catching a bunch of spider crabs each day, which after all these years at Save the Harbor still creep me out. The kids we teach always have so much fun and our so enthusiastic, it makes the job so much more rewarding. My only regret is that I do not get to stay with the kids for longer, like most of our other sites. Yet it provides a new challenge, how to make an impression on these kids that will last. Our goal is to reach this kids even in just a small way, so that maybe later in life they will learn to love our great harbor. We show them how much fun it can be! Catching a lobster surprised a lot of people today. It is something I'm sure will stick with at least a few of our children and their families.
Till next time,
Tom Regan

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