Monday, August 15, 2011

A Splashing Good Time!

Last Friday, myself and the rest of the Save the Harbor Staff took a break from our regular youth programing to host a huge kids' party at Curley Center in South Boston. We were anticipating a big crowd, but the actual attendence at the event was even greater than we expected; we had about 450 kids on the beach!

In addition to feeding all those kids, we took them fishing and had them fly kites, build sand castles, draw murals, pet lobsters and crabs, and play games on the beach. The highlight of event, though, was right before lunch when we all splashed into the water! Although getting 450 kids to run down the beach into the water safely would be an impressive feat any day, this event was especially impressive becuase in spite of the heavy rains earlier in the week, the beaches in South Boston were still safe and open for swimming!

Although we still have a week left of youth programs, this summertime splash was a great way to start wrapping up the summer.


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