Tuesday, August 16, 2011


On Monday, it was raining a lot, and it felt worst while at Camp Harbor View. The rules is that rain or shine fishing club must fish as long as there is no thunder or lightning. So I am glad I came prepared with a rain jacket, because it was raining hard!

The kids were not as prepared, and I thought they would complain the whole time. So Sarah, Paula, and the rest of our group decided we would scream "this is great," every time a kid complained. Not one child complained though , they were all ready to fish! It ended up being a lot more fun then usual, because all the kids enjoyed fishing in different weather. We did not catch a fish but we had lots of fun, and we eventually got out of the rain. Something I found interesting was, when it was raining kids were a lot more concentrated on fishing.

Only one child tangled their fishing rod when usually our staff sits and untangles rod about every five minutes. I do not wish to get rained on again, but I can not wait to go back to Camp Harbor View to a group of kids excited and prepared to fish.

-Liz Torres

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