Thursday, August 18, 2011

Final Week

What a way to start off the the final week, with rain. :( Usually the rain brings people's mood down, but not at Camp HarborView! It was nice to see how the fishing club was still so excited to fish. The rain did not stop them from what they love. In the cold rain we fished together. Like any other beautiful sunny day where we collect bait, check the traps and fish we did in this cold, cold rain. The wind was strong and when it smacked your skin you would get chills through your body.

Camp Harbor View kids? The rain was nothing. Not once did a kid say they wanted to be somewhere dry or they wanted to go back indoors. These kids love to fish and I was surprised at their attitudes towards the rain. I loved seeing how focused and full or energy they were. When their camp counselor said it was time to go they all sucked their teeth and whined. All they wanted to do was do what they love, fish!
I know if these kids keep this type of attitude they will go far. Never let anything get in the way of what you love.

-Kristina :)

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