Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach Party !!

Friday Aug. 12, 2011 we had a very cool beach party. The beach Party was really fun and i enjoyed it alot. That day was just for the children from all over, from different neighborhoods in our community. We had many different actives for the kids, flying kites, fishing, sand castles, sports center, art, and the best of all was the history about the Harbor Island. I never seen so many kids all in one place running around, enjoying their day at the beach with their friends. The BEST thing that happened that day was when EVERYBODY ran into the beach all at the same time. That was really fun and funny!! We give out food, drinks, and fuirts and veggies to EVERYBODY!! at the end we had to clean up, now that part was very funny becuase every one was saying they already did somehting oh man that made my day evern better !!
-Diana Gomez

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