Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Four!

My first time at Community Boating on the Charles River was great! A kid, Paul, and I picked up a lot of trash that we found laying around or floating in the water. When the kids brought up the crab traps we found two eels and several sun fish. I know a lot about crabs and how to fish, but not a lot about fish. In all the time I have worked I have only seen one fish being caught by a kid, but today there were about a group of eight and each one caught about three fish. The fish we caught were small and smooth they were the color grey with red and yellow spots. The kids were so excited and proud that when it was time for us to go they didn't want to stop fishing. The energy from the kids was spontaneous, so great that pedestrians walking along stopped and asked a little about our program. We finished in great timing because we were able to leave before the rain and also had enough time for the kids to enjoy fishing.

-Liz Torres

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