Thursday, August 11, 2011

Carnivals and Cunners

Hello avid blog-readers,

This week was very exciting because instead of going to All Access (Spectacle Island this week), I've been working at Piers Park in East Boston in the morning and Courageous Sailing Charlestown in the afternoon with the Harbor Explorers. While All Access is and always will be my favorite thing to do, it's been fun to switch it up and meet new campers from all over the city.

Even though Wednesday dawned gray and cloudy, my spirits were brightened immediately upon arriving at Piers Park. Since this was the last week STH/STB ran Harbor Explorers with the sailing program in the park, we had a carnival to celebrate the great summer. In between playing Uno, eating snowcones, and decorating collages, some staffers even had time to get their faces painted.

The past two afternoons at Courageous in Charlestown have been very eventful. On Wednesday, we caught 3 cunners named Hooky, James Jr., and Lost and Found. Apparently cunners really like mussels, since that's we were using as bait! Today, we didn't have as much luck on the fish front but found a huge starfish in one of our many lobster traps.

One of the cool parts about working at Courageous is that we Save the Harbor staffers sometimes get to go sailing in the early part of the afternoon. Today, I went on a boat with Jeremy from Charlestown and Shannon from West Roxbury, with their counselor Anthony. It was really windy, so we spent most of the trip around the harbor heeling on our side so that I was almost in the water!! A big thank you to Skippers Anthony, Jeremy, and Shannon for getting me back on land safely!

There's a jam-packed weekend ahead of Save the Harbor with two big beach events at M Street Beach in South Boston (stop by!) and the last week of programing ahead of us, summer is slowly but surely winding down -- look for a closing blog post coming soon!

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