Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catching Dinner

I've always told the kids at Camp Harbor View that if they caught a fish the right size, we'd cut it up so they could take it home and eat it for dinner. Before today I don't think many of them believed me, but this afternoon I finally made good on that promise!

About 15 minutes into fishing club today, I heard a shout from Joe (the counselor in charge of fishing club) that he had a fish. I hurried over in time to see him reeling in a large flounder! After measuring it and confirming that it was legal size, I asked if anyone wanted to take it home for dinner. Joe declined, but Franklin, one of the members of fishing club was eager to bring home the catch.

Although I had never prepared a fish before, I got out our trusty knife and, with Liz's help, removed the flounder's head so that we could gut it. Franklin then gave us a hand by helping to pull out the guts! While we worked, Franklin told us about how he planned to prepare the fish El Salvadorian style. Although he couldn't give me the exact recipe (it's a secret!), it's sounds delicious from what he did tell me.

After a thorough rinse, we put the flounder on ice and carried it down to the camp kitchen. Along the way, we had the opportunity to show off our catch to rest of the kids at camp! The kitchen manager was happy hear about Franklin's plans for cooking the fish and promised to keep it nice and cold for him until the end of the day.

By now, Franklin and his family are probably enjoying a scrumptious dinner of El Salvadorian style flounder. Hopefully, a report on the meal from Franklin himself will be coming soon!


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