Monday, August 8, 2011

The Only Bad Thing about Vacation

For all of last week I took a relaxing vacation to Canada with my family on our annual trip. I had lots of fun, but still missed out on a lot of Save the Harbor fun such as the glorious capture the flag game at Spectacle Island on Staff Day. I was extremely disappointed to find out my trip would interfere, but I had to go. I spent my week fishing for large mouth bass, small mouth bass, yellow Perch, and the annoying sunfish. If I had to compare and contrast lake fishing and sea fishing, I would argue that lake fishing has a much higher success rate, but the reward is not quite as big. The largest fish I caught in Canada was an 18 inch large mouth, but at the Harbor I could catch a striped bass more then twice that size. I just finished my first day back and my first day this year at Mcdonough Sailing Center, but it was a slow day because of the threat of heavy storms. Not many kids showed up, but at least we had two very interested and persistent kids to boost our spirits.

Tim Grogan

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