Friday, August 5, 2011

The Catches of the Day at Camp Harbor View

While I myself might not be in the running for Master Angler this summer, some of my campers at Harbor View could definitely provide Conor and Tommy with some serious competition.

Here's what we caught today!

Franklin caught his own flounder; it was a bit too small to eat though.

Shannon with her cunner

Alexis and her huge skate!

Raheem with the second cunner of the day


1 comment:

Kamrom said...

Nicely done. Im glad people are still working to teach kids well, self reliance maybe, but teaching kids to have a good time outside with friends seems a fair bit more important honestly.

Plus its a great physics lesson! Those tiny fish can sure feel big when youve got 20 yards of line between you.

Dont bring them to fish in Wyoming though. Only half of the time is spent fishing, the rest is spent dueling the surprising number of crabs who now want your fish. Im sure that teaches some lesson, but a tad more cruelly than is necessary.