Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mayor's Visit

Dear Mayor Menino,

My name is Vinh Tran, and I am a sixteen year old residing in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester. I currently attend the John D. O’Bryant School of Math and Science. I’ve only been a staffer here at Save the Harbor for the past two months, but during those two months I have already acquired a plethora of knowledge relating to Boston Harbor. If the television show “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” had all of its questions based on Boston Harbor, I’m confident that I would walk home with a million dollars. I love spreading and sharing this knowledge with children younger than myself. I have also grown to love and cherish Boston Harbor, and I would also like to share the same feelings and opportunities with the generations to come.

Not many people get to go out to the islands for a leisurely hike or swim. To fulfill this, I think that Boston Harbor should offer more activities on the many islands such as sand castle building and sand sculpture building. This would attract more and more people to the islands who would appreciate the harbor’s clean and refreshing water. I also think that every island should have their own compost and recycling area so the parks can have less trash. Each of the islands could have installed a compost pile so that organic items could be turned into compost.
The people in the positions of political power can also help improve the harbor by campaigning and asking the public for donations so that the islands can build better facilities. They could also use their political influence to spread the word around all of the state and even the entire nation to help gather funds to benefit the Harbor.

Vinh Tran

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