Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last day at AABH

As we draw closer to Spectacle island, I take a minute to reflect on this wonderful summer. The smell of the harbor, the call of the gulls and the shine of the sea glass. I think, what a summer!

Today was a relaxed day. When I was on the top of the island my eyes seem to focus on the view of the city, a nice summer day and the perfect view atop Spectacle. Today, all the little things mattered, from playing with a beach ball in a windy environment, to conversing with my co-workers about where to get good-priced school supplies! The lady at the summer shack even gave me and Manny two cheeseburgers for only $4.00! Now I'm not going to say today was my favorite experience on Spectacle island but it was more of an until we meet again type of situation. I tell you this though; nothing gets better than kicking your feet up and taking a minute to say "I'm on an island!"

... But then it's right back to work. Being apart of the AABH team was definitely the highlight of my summer!

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