Friday, August 5, 2011

Staff Day!

Hello everyone!

Everyone at STH, STB had a great start to the week because this past Monday was Staff Day! This annual event brings all staffers from the various sites and the office together for one day of hot dogs, relaxation, and sun. After Bruce and Patty, our generous bosses, cooked us up a nice lunch of hot dogs, tuna salad, and cookies, I headed to the beach for an afternoon of swimming and tanning (after I applied copious amounts of sunscreen, of course).

The rest of the week was spent exploring Georges' Island, which I feel like I haven't been at as much this summer. I spent Thursday on the beach, skipping rocks and enjoying the beautiful weather. I looked for sea glass and bits of pottery, and found some, but much less than there would be at Spectacle.

Friday I took a group of campers through Fort Warren with David Coffin. Instead of going straight to the tunnels to look for the Lady in Black, we took a slight detour and led the kids through a different part of the fort, where sharpshooters used to guard the island. While David told the story of how these brave soldiers defended the fort, the kids got a surprise visit from what turned out to be a friendly ghost...
We did eventually brave the tunnels and several of the campers had experiences with the Lady in Black. After just one afternoon on Georges', theses kids are going to have a lot of stories once they get home!

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