Friday, August 5, 2011

Carp Sighting!

My week at communityboating was so exciting it would make the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week jealous.With fresh carp cookies and many awesome explorersfishing, we all managed to catch more sunfish than imaginable. Most here at community boating like Sophia and David, can brag that they each caught 4 fish in a day! I even caught a little fish this week. The most exciting part in all of our success is nearlycatching a carp! Michael saw the carp come close to his baited hook and patiently waited for it to return. When it did it passed by the hook again and this time I saw it too. It looked like something straight out of the television showRiver Monsters! It was huge! The third time this carp swam by it bit the hook, thrashed a few times, and snapped the line with it’s amazing power. We all groaned in disappointment but we are all determined to catch this carp. Next time we plan to use bigger hooks and a lot more carp cookies!

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