Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Banana Peel Fall

Playing football with the Save the
Harbor sports club!
This week in sports we started with Frisbee with our senior harbor educator Jenn and a young group of kids. They kept running everywhere, it was so much fun! Then we went on with a game of football and we gathered some more campers and started to play tag football. The kids were playing really well and they understood the game way better than me, of course. They kept saying line up and I kept asking, "whats line up?" After we played a game of catch using a football. I was surprised that the kids really knew how to throw and catch the ball. I was struggling to catch the ball because they threw it really high, and they are only about 9 or 10 years old!!! WOW.   

Yesterday was seriously one of the best sports day. I was with Jenn, Henry and Jaiden and Jenn showed me how to throw a football correctly. I got it really quickly, maybe I'm not as good as Jaiden but I'm better than Jenn at throwing a football! There was this group of children that wanted to play football with us and Jenn told me to join in so I did. I was playing football like a pro! It was really funny how surprised they were that I could throw the ball far enough and catch it too. I tried tackling Jaiden and even came from behind and tackled Henry, sounds great right?  My head still hurts from the fall! I told Jaiden "Hey I'm going to try tackling you!" So I threw the ball at him and he said, "Okay, you sure you want do that?" I literally said, "It's ok I'm a girl you won't hurt me that bad." So I threw the ball at Jaiden and I ran for him. I CLOSED MY EYES HALF WAY THROUGH! My feet went flying up and my back went down, I thought I blacked out for a minute, I could see stars. I looked like I slipped on a banana peel! I will never try tackling Jaiden again! After my banana peel fall I pretended I wanted to tackle Jadien again but I never did it, I ran instead to Henry and knocked him down from behind. Funniest thing ever in the world, it was the best feeling ever!  

Today at MLK we talked about how we can help our youth to get out of gangs and become more involved with trying to get out of housing and in to a better life for them and their families. Today I learned that I can really make a difference in my community, if we all get involved like we already are doing in MLK. I really look forward going back to MLK in two weeks because it was really interesting and we need more of these programs for youths, and even older kids!

Marly Burgos

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