Wednesday, August 2, 2017

growth as a whole.

Hi everyone,

          This week was a very break-out-of-your-shell type of week. We started off at black's creek with some new games and ana finally came back so i was happy. Then we caught about 2 horse shoe crabs which was very interesting. One of our co-workers named Martin has finally been opening up which makes each of us happy. We play fun games like gaga ball and museum. He's been laughing more and I could tell that we're all more comfortable.
holding the horse shoe crab.

           At the children's museum we've been catching many fish and one child caught a striped bass which was big enough to keep. The vibes i get working in the summer just continue to grow in a more positive aspect of my life. Seeing everyone enjoy and grow as individuals in a group is something beautiful to see.

Until bext time,

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