Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Black's Creek

I had a fun time at Black's Creek in Quincy this past week. In Quincy, there was a bunch of enthusiastic kids that really wanted to further there knowledge of marine life. Regardless of the group size, which amounted to about 7 kids, the kids still without question participated. Our Senior Marine Educator for the week was Paula. Paula had planned an interesting scavenger hunt. The group of kids were split into smaller teams for a friendly competition. This scavenger hunt asked the kids to acquire several shells, a bird's feather, red seaweed, green crabs (an invasive species!) and some mussels. The kids had an adventurous time hunting down these items. At the end of the day, Conor and Mekhi's team won the scavenger hunt after alot of arduous work.

On one note, the kid that really shone throughout the friendly competition was this kid named Collin. Seeing that a green crab was supposed to be found, Collin set himself on a personal mission to find one. I was quite doubtful that he would find one as I didn't think that there would be any lurking underneath the shoreline. Collin proved me wrong. Not only did he find a green crab, he found a total of 8. Furthermore, this didn't take him the whole session, he caught them in rapid succession, in a time span of 10 minutes. I guess the reason why he caught so many was because the crabs were probably attracted to his cool mohawk.


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