Monday, August 1, 2011

Bonding Time!

Today the whole Save the Harbor crew and I went to Spectacle Island for a Staff Day. We were welcomed onto the island with open arms by Bruce and Patty, who were grilling up some lunch for us. After we took a group picture with all of the staff, Bruce and Patty offered us hot dogs and chicken dogs and a variety of drinks on the dock. We were able to eat while dipping our feet in the water and bonding with other staff members. My favorite part of the meal was the desert, which consisted of grapes, strawberries, and different kinds of cookies. After our staff lunch, each of us had the privilege of either playing a game of Capture the Flag or soaking up some sun on the beach. Kristina and I decided to put our toes in the water. Because it was so hot outside, some of us decided to hang out indoors for a while which was a great way to talk and get to know each other. The best part of the trip was definitely hoola-hooping. Liz, Carolyn, Thi, Latoya, Candido and I all competed in an epic battle, and I was the winner! Soon after, it was time to go back to the mainland. I only wish that we could have more staff events because it was a great bonding experience. Even though I joined the team just last week, I feel like I;m already part of the little community that has been forming for this summer.


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